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Shipping cars from UK  to Australia

Shipping cars to Australia is our specialty. Cargo World Link offers best UK to Australia vehicle shipping services by roll on/roll (RoRo) and by shared or dedicated container services on a weekly basis. Car shipping to Australia with a professionally renowned shipping company will not only offer you peace of mind but it will ensure that your car is in the safest hands throughout its voyage.

Our weekly services sail to Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney & Tasmania by 20ft or 40ft container services, whereas our roll on/roll off car shipping services sail to Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney on a slightly less frequent service. Each service is safe, secure and very cost effective.

Car shipping costs to Australia

Typical car shipping costs from the UK to Australia in our shared container service seems to be the most economical choice if you are taking personal items inside the car. The cost for a saloon car to Australia is £795.00and a 4 x 4 is £895.00. Our loading depot is at Rainham, Essex where your vehicle will be loaded inside a 40ft HC container along with 3 other cars that all travelling to the same destination. You only pay for a portion of the space taken up inside the container, which helps to drive costs lower. Your second option is to ship your car by roll on/roll off, the costs for a saloon to Australia start from £875.00 and a 4 x 4 is £1110.00 based on it sailing out of Southampton. We also offer dedicated 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC container services from Southampton. To ship a car in a 20ft container to Australia is £1175.00, a 40ft and 40ft HC will cost £1895.00.

Import Permit in Australia

Before you import a car into Australia, you need to obtain an import permit. (Vehicle Import Approval). Without an import permit, your car will not be allowed into Australia. The cost of application for a vehicle import approval is around $AU 50.00. Your vehicle must meet Australian safety standards for emissions and vehicle compliance checks. Obtaining a vehicle import approval involves a number of Government Agencies. We advise you to start the application process as early as possible. 

 Shipping your car in a container is a lot more expensive when importing in to Australia however the advantage is that you can load your vehicle with personal items for no extra charge.

Quarantine Inspection in Australia

When shipping a car to Australia it must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside of the vehicle before it can be exported out of the UK to meet with The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources‘ requirements.  It is the Importers responsibility to ensure that every vehicle that they are importing is clean and free of  biosecurity risks. These includes seeds, soil, mud, clay and animal material, live insects and plant material such as straw and leaves for example. Australia operates the Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) to regulate potential hazards into the country. 

What paperwork is needed to ship a car to Australia?

When shipping cars, trucks, vans or motorhomes to Australia we would require copies of the V5C, Photo page of the consignee’s passport, Purchase/Sales Invoice. Full list of required documents:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

With the correct paperwork and Import permits in place, the shipment of your vehicle to Australia will be as stress-free as it possibly can be. For further information or to obtain a quote to ship your vehicle to Australia, contact us today.

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Containerised Car Shipment

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