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Shipping cars from UK

Shipping cars from UK to  Cameroon

 Cargo World Link specialises in shipping cars from UK to Cameroon. We are experts in cheap car shipping to Cameroon from UK. We ship cars on Roll On Roll Off (RORO) and container from UK to Cameroon. We export vehicles including cars, vans, trucks (new and used) from the UK to Cameroon, Douala at the cheapest prices.We ship cars from Sheerness and Tilbury Ports to Douala in Cameroon. We ship from UK to Douala evry week. We ship cars, vans, buses, trucks, trailers, Tractor units, Horse trucks, motorbikes and caravaans from UK to Cameroon.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote for shipping to Cameroon we require the dimensions of your vehicle/and or the model.

Cargo World Link  offer a great service to Cameroon at exceptionally low prices by roll on/roll off. We also ship to Cameroon from either the UK, Antwerp or Hamburg every week.

.   There are two ways you can ship your car, van or truck. You can use either a shipping container or you can export by Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) shipping (cheapest and most popular).

Roll on Roll Off  car shipping ftom UK to Cameroon

RoRo shipping is the cheapest method of shipping vehicles to Cameroon, Douala. RoRo ships are vessels that are specially designed to ship wheeled cargo such as cars, vans, or trucks. They have in-built ramps that allow the cars to be driven on or off the ship. For those looking to export vans, trucks or lorries please contact us with the dimensions/weight for an accurate quote. Our car and van shipping prices include ALL costs from the UK to Cameroon ports. 

Container shipping from UK to Cameroon

Container shipping means that you can export your car in either a 20ft or 40ft container. It is more expensive but your vehicle would be secure in its own container. Also with container shipping, you can put personal items when exporting to Douala. 

Procedure for exporting cars from UK to Cameroon.

  1. Please contact us with the model, dimensions of your vehicle, details about your vehicle.
  2.    Complete the booking form.
  3. Drive your vehicle to the port and hand it over together with the shipping note we will issue to you. Alternatively we can collect your car, van or truck from any UK address.
  4. Payment is required before the ship leaves the port.
  5. After payment we will issue you with the Bill of Lading which is a document you require in order to clear your car, van or truck at Cameroon, Douala.

All countries have different regulations regarding exporting and importing cars, trucks or vans. We advise all our clients to read up on these regulations prior to making a booking to ship a car , van or truck to Cameroon, Douala. Please note that you can only export Left Hand Vehicles to Cameroon, export of Right Hand Vehicles is strictly forbidden.

Shipping & Exporting Terms:

  1. Car shipping prices to Cameroon are subject to change without notice, and are subject to space and schedule.
  2. We do not recommend our clients putting personal items in their vehicles. However you can put personal effects in the shipping container to Cameroon.
  3. Client is responsible for any charges at destination port in Cameroon, Douala.

What paper work is required to ship cars to Cameroon?

When shipping a vehicle to Douala from the UK – we would require copies of the following documentation. This paper work will help us to complete the shipping documents such as the bill of lading correctly.

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information on car shipping to Cameroon, please contact one of our team today or complete our quick quote form and get a free no obligation quote today.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Air Freight

Air Freight

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