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Shipping cars from UK  to Canada

Cargo World Link specialises in shipping cars from UK to Canada on a weekly basis.

Cargo World Link  are experts in cheap car shipping to Canada from UK. We export vehicles including cars, vans, trucks (new and used) from the UK to Canada, Halifax at the cheapest prices. In order to provide you with an accurate quote for shipping to Canada we require the dimensions of your vehicle/and or the model. There are two ways you can ship your car, van or truck. You can use either a shipping container or you can export by Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) shipping (cheapest and most popular).

Shipping cars from Europe  to Canada

Cargo World Link has regular departures  from major European (EU) ports including The UK (Southampton, Tilbury, Liverpool, Felixstowe, London Gateway and Bristol), Belgium (Zeebrugge & Antwerp), Germany (Bremerhaven & Hamburg) , Netherlands (Rotterdam) and many others.

Sailing times are between 6 and 21 days depending on the departure and destination ports.

Roll on Roll Off car shipping  from UK  to Canada

RoRo shipping is the cheapest method of shipping vehicles to Canada, Halifax. RoRo ships are vessels that are specially designed to ship wheeled cargo such as cars, vans, or trucks. They have in-built ramps that allow the cars to be driven on or off the ship. For those looking to export vans, trucks or lorries please contact us with the dimensions/weight for an accurate quote. Our car and van shipping prices include ALL costs from the UK to Canada ports. 

Roll on Roll off vessels from Southampton Port from UK to Canada takes about 8-10 days to East Cost of Canada.  All other destinations on the West coast or inland areas are serviced only by container to either the port or up to rail ramp.

We offer a door to door or door to port/rail ramp service with daily UK collections and nationwide coverage. We are experts in the shipment of cars, vans, trucks, motorhomes and caravans to anywhere in Canada. We don’t mind if your vehicle is fully operational or simply not running, we have a service for any kind of vehicle.

Vehicle collection and delivery services in UK.

We are able to support you to ship your vehicles from UK to Canada. We have  vehicle collection services within UK.  Our highly qualified professional drivers can collect your car from your premises and deliver it safely to the port.

What are the Import regulations for Cars in Canada

There are import regulations for importing a used vehicle in to Canada and you need to check if your vehicle complies with Canadian standards as set out by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA). Not every vehicle can be shipped to Canada permanently so research is key to avoiding any fines or having to have your vehicle shipped back to the UK at your expense. However when Canada Border Services Agency requirements are met, the following circumstances allow people to import vehicles purchased without issue.

Your vehicle must be a regulated class of vehicle, 15 years old or older as determined by the month and year the vehicle was manufactured you can check this out on the V5C for your vehicle.

  • If the vehicle is a bus and is manufactured before January 1, 1971.
  • If the vehicle does not belong to a regulated class of vehicle under the MVSA.
  • If the vehicle meets all MVSA requirements, and was acquired NEW abroad via a manufacturer’s foreign buyer program for Canadians abroad
  • If the vehicle meets all United States requirements and acquired NEW abroad via a manufacturer’s foreign buyer program for North-American buyers abroad (there are additional restrictions that will apply).
  • If the vehicle is a returning Canadian compliant vehicle originally owned in Canada
  • If the vehicle is a returning United States compliant vehicle originally owned in the U.S. (there will be additional restrictions that apply).

You can check for further information about importing vehicles in to Canada by researching if your vehicle will be permitted entry in to Canada prior to shipping it from the UK.

What paper work is required to ship cars to Canada?

When car shipping to Canada you will need to send us copies of the following documentation to assist with the paper work needed to ship your vehicle successfully:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information about shipping your car to Canada, contact one of our experienced members of staff today. For rates please complete our quick quote form for a no obligation quotation today.

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