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Shipping cars from UK to Capetown

We ship cars from UK to Capetown in South Africa in containers only. We provide budget friendly car shipping to  Capetwon South Africa by shared container (you pay only for the space your motor vehicle occupies) or can provide a car shipping container to South Africa for your exclusive use. Give us a call to find out which is best for you. We can also arrange shipping cars to South Africa by roll on roll off carrier to Durban.

We have a weekly container shipping schedule from UK to Capetown.

 Our fastest transit time of only 19-21 days ensures that our customers receive their vehicles in the best of time. Our experienced members of staff will provide you with the best of service and will endeavor to make your shipping experience as stress-free as possible. They will keep you fully informed throughout the process and will liaise direct with your agent in South Africa of its impending arrival.

We ship cars from Tilbury or London Gateway to Capetown.

Car collection and loading  services in UK

Cargo World Link can support you with car collection and loading services in UK. At you own time, we come and collect your vehicle for loading at our preferred warehouses located throughout UK. If you are not able to load the car into your container, you can engage our professional loading team.

Please contact us for any support to ship cars from UK to Capetown.

Do I need an import permit when shipping a car to Cape Town?

Please note that an Import Permit must be obtained only if the vehicle is to remain in South Africa. This can be obtained by contacting the Pretoria Government. In this website you will find a lot of very useful information for when you are importing your car into Cape Town. There are telephone numbers and email addresses for you to contact if further information is required. Forewarned is forearmed!

Will I qualify for a Rate Rebate in Cape Town?

If you are a South African Resident you must first comply with the following three elements. If not, then unfortunately you do not qualify for a rebate of duties.

  • You originally emigrated from South Africa
  • You obtained permanent residents status abroad
  • You again return to South Africa permanently

If you are still unsure if you do qualify for rebate, we can put you in touch with our agent who will be only too glad to advise you on a case by case basis.

What paperwork is required to ship a car to Cape Town?

When car shipping to Cape Town you must send copies of the following documents to help us to complete your export and import documentation correctly.

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information about shipping a car, van, truck, or motorhome to Cape Town then please either contact us today or complete our quick quote form for a no obligation quotation.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

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Ro Ro Car Shipment

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