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Shipping Cars to Africa

Shipping  cars to Africa on a weekly basis is our specialty. Cargo World Link  are specialist car shippers from UK to Africa. We ship vehicles from German to Africa. Shipping cars from Belgium (Antwerp) to Africa is our specialty on a weekly basis.  We offer unparalled delivery using the following methods :

1) Roll On Roll Off (RORO or ro-ro)

Roll On Roll Off car shipping method is a method used to ship vehicles by driving them on and off the car shipping vessel. Cars may also be loaded in the shipping vessel using a platform vehicle such as a self propelled modular transporter.  RORO is the most common and cheapest method to ship cars from UK to Africa as it does not involve use of expensive lifting equipment.

2) Shipping cars in a container.

We ship cars in containers from UK to Africa. We also ship cars from Belgium -Antwerp to Africa, Germany-Bremerhaven to Africa, Netherland-Rotterdam to Africa in Containers.

Cargo World Link  has  car shipping services from UK  to Africa. We ship cars from Ports in Immingham,  Bristol, Teesport, Killingholme, Sheerness, Southampton and Tilbury, to Most African destinations.

Our most popular types of vehicles to ship from UK to Africa are Agricultural tractors, Cars, Buses, Horse Trucks, Vans, Motor bikes, Earth Moving equipment and Trailers. We ship motor bikes from UK to West Africa. 

Our polupar car delivery destinations in Africa.

West Africa:

  •  Abidjan-Ivory Coast|Banjul-The Gambia|Conakry-Guinea| Cotonou-Benin|Dakar-Senegal. Shipping cars to Gambia in less than 7 days from Tilbury.
  • Freetown-Sieraa Leone| Libreville-Congo| Lagos-Nigeria, Pointe Noire-DRC|Tema-Ghana,  on regular weekly  departures from Tilbury near London.

Central and Southern  Africa:

  • Walvis Bay Port– Namibia-This Port serves to receive cars destined for  land locked countries. Shipping cars from UK to  Botswana,  Shipping cars from UK  to Malawi,  Shipping cars from UK to Zambia and  Car shipping from UK to Zimbabwe.
  • Durban PortSouth Africa Port of Durban– This Port serves to receive cars destined for  land locked countries of Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • East London and Port Elizabethin South Africa receive RORO vessels.
  • Cape Town Port in South Africa receives  container only.
  • Richard Bay
  • MaputoMozambique– This Port serves to receive cars destined for Botswana, South Africa,Swaziland, Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, and Zambia, 
  • Port Louis-Mauritius

East Africa:

  • Mombasa-Kenya- Shipping cars to Kenya; This Port serves to receive cars destined for land locked countries of Uganda, EAC countries of Rwanda and Burundi. The Port also serves South Sudan, Northern Tanzania, Eastern DRC and Ethiopia’s gateway.
  • Dar Es Salaam– Tanzania- Shipping cars to Tanzania; This port provides a gateway and access route to landlocked countries including Burundi,Eastern DRC,Malawi,Rwanda Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Car shipping costs to Africa

The car shipping costs to Africa will vary depending on which area of Africa you want your vehicle shipped to, the size of the vehicle and the method of shipment. The price of shipping a car to Africa by roll on/roll off will work out cheaper than container services. The costs to ship a Toyota Avensis (saloon car) will be £680.00 from Sheerness or £730.00 from Killingholme to Walvis Bay, Namibia or to Durban it will cost £785.00. However to ship a saloon car to Banjul in Gambia will only cost £495.00 or £450.00 to Lagos. As you can see that the costs to ship cars to Africa vary quite substantially from destination to destination.

We are continually sourcing for the cheapest vehicle shipping rates to Africa to help us to remain in line with the more competitive services sailing from the UK. We strongly believe in passing on these great savings on to you.

What paperwork is needed to ship a car to Africa?

When car shipping to Africa we would require copies of the following documentation to help support you’re booking so that we can correctly input the right information on to your shipping paperwork:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

What Are The Legal Requirements For Shipping Cars To Africa?

Every country operates under its own rules and regulations, for example when shipping a vehicle to West Africa such as Gambia you are only allowed to ship a Left Hand Drive unless you have a waiver certificate prior to shipment from the Gambian Police. This certificate will only allow you to import it in to the country but you will need to have the vehicle converted to right hand drive before being allowed to take it out of the port. It is safer to contact one of our experienced members of staff if you are unsure of what is permitted to enter the country before deciding to ship it out.

We can ship any size vehicle – running or not, to all major ports in Africa. The costs to ship cars to Africa will depend on its arrival port. Shipping a car to Africa need not be complicated when you have a company such as us on board – we keep the whole vehicle shipping process simplistic. We believe that our customer service is excellent and we will endeavor to keep you fully informed throughout the whole shipment process.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Air Freight

Air Freight

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