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Shipping cars from UK to Brisbane


Shipping Cars to Brisbane

Shipping cars from UK to Brisbane is our speciality. We ship cars on regular weekly basis from Ports in UK to, Brisbane.

Shipping cars from Southampton or Newcastle upon Tyne 3 times a week to Brisbane is one of our most popular routes.

If you are looking at purchasing and shipping cars, vans, truck, tractors, buses, trailers, motorboats, boats,motor bikes and earth moving equipment from UK to Brisbane,  Cargo World Link  can do that for you. 

We ship vehicles on door to door basis from UK to Brisbane. If you require door to port car shipping from UK to Brisbane, Cargo World Link is your one stop shop. We have close Clearing Agents in Brisbane to facilitate easy transactions for you.

Cargo World Link ships vehicles from ports of Tilbury, Felixstowe and London Gateway Ports from UK to Brisbane.

Roll on Roll Off (RORO) car shipping from UK to Brisbane

This method involves driving the vehicles on and off large vessels called RORO ships. The vehicle is then strapped and secured onto the ship to stop it from Moving. This method of shipping is cheap and convenient method of shipping vehicles to  Brisbane. With this method we can collect your vehicle from anywhere in UK and deliver it to one of the UK ports for delivery to Brisbane. We operate a monthly Roll On Roll Off services from UK to Brisbane. We ship cars from Southampton to, Brisbane, Australia .  So if you need your vehicle collected from your premises, please contact us. You can also phone us on our UK contact centre on: +442080640909.

Shipping cars in containers from UK to Brisbane

This method of shipping is whereby cars are loaded inside steel 20 or 40 foot containers and strapped securely to avoid movement. The container shipping method from UK to Brisbane is the safest way to ship cars. We can load up to 4 cars in a container using our specialised packing system and this saves you money as you just pay for the container irrespective of how many cars you load, the cost of shipping from UK to Brisbane  is the same.

Car Shipping Costs to Brisbane.

Please contact our dedicated shipping office for the latest rates of shipping cars from UK to Brisbane.


first load at our loading facility in Rainham, Essex.

Container shipping to Brisbane offers a very safe and secure method of shipping high a valued vehicle. Vehicles are secured using ratchet straps and wooden chocks which help to stop the vehicle moving whilst inside the container when it’s being shipped overseas.

Import Permits for Brisbane

You must first apply and obtain an Import Permit prior to even thinking about shipping a vehicle to Brisbane. The one thing to consider before you ship any vehicle to Australia is that you will firstly need to obtain this Permit by completing the application form where acceptance or denial can take anything up to 6 weeks in busy periods. See more information under the Personal Imports Scheme. If you do not have one of these permits in place prior to shipping your vehicle then you may encounter problems importing it in to Brisbane. Any vehicles arriving in Brisbane without the Import Permit will face having their vehicle shipped back to the UK at their own expense.

Import permit application & guide

Please find the Import Approval Guide and Application below for when you are thinking about shipping your car to Brisbane. Please allow up to 6 weeks in busy periods before you ship it to Australia.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Air Freight

Air Freight

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