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Shipping cars from UK to China

Cargo World Link is specialized in the international car shipping to China. Transportation of classic, exotic, antique cars, motorcycles, vehicles, trucks and trailers, , buses, mobile homes, watercraft, race cars, sailboats, yachts and construction equipment, heavy equipment and other wheeled machinery.

Cargo World Link provides the most reliable and the cheapest international car shipping services from UK to China.

We offer two different options when shipping a car to China,

Roll On/Roll Off Service (Ro/Ro)

The most affordable method for transporting cars overseas. A Ro/Ro vessel has a ramp which opens up to allow the cars to be driven into the vessel.

Container Service

Container shipping for transporting your car provides the safest way of transportation to China.

International car shipping to China is now much easier with Cargo World Link. Request international car shipping rate , book your request and ship your vehicle in just few steps.

Vehicle collection and delivery services in UK.

We are able to support you to ship your vehicles from UK to China. We have  vehicle collection services within UK.  Our highly qualified professional drivers can collect your car from your premises and deliver it safely to the port.

Delivery Ports in China

Cargo World Link ships cars from Southampton in containers  20ft container to Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Yantian, Tianjin. and  Xiamen . Our services sail from Southampton on direct sailings to China on our guaranteed weekly sailings.

Import Regulations for car shipping to China

For important information when importing vehicles in to China, please check out the China Import Regulations website. The information contained will help and help assist with any import questions that you may have when looking to safely ship your vehicle to China.

When considering if you should export your car to China, it would be advisable to see if you meet the strict criteria required. For example, do you have Chinese residence status? Only legal residents are allowed to import cars in to China. Only holders of “Z” visas are allowed to permanently import their vehicle.

In addition not everyone who does qualify as a resident can import their vehicle in to China. It is only those who have “foreign expert status” which is provided by the Public Security Bureau and the visa departments that can. Research is key and will help you to avoid any fines or fees once your vehicle has arrived if you get it right prior to shipping it to China.

What Paperwork Is Needed To Ship A Vehicle To China?

When shipping a car to China you will need to send us copies of the following documents, these documents will ensure that we complete your booking with the shipping line and the export customs correctly:

  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle
  • Copy of the vehicle registration (V5C)

As well as shipping your car to China we also offer a UK car collection service to help with the logistics of getting it to the port of departure. Our costs for collection & delivery are very competitive and can be just the ticket to get your vehicle to the port successfully and on time.

For further information on shipping a car to China or to find out what other costs are involved, then contact one of our experienced members of staff today.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Air Freight

Air Freight

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