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Shipping Cars to Lyttelton-New Zealand

At Cargo Worldlink we offer  professional car shipping services from UK  to Lyttelton in New Zealand, we also offer an affordable way of transporting it with our affordable prices. We have been successfully shipping cars, vans, trucks, caravans and even motorhomes from UK to New Zealand for over 8 years. We are highly experienced in all aspects of shipping vehicles to Lyttelton from anywhere in the UK.

Unbeatable Car Shipping Rates to New Zealand

We offer fantastic rates to Lyttelton by either RORO (roll on/roll off), dedicated container and shared container services every week. Our RORO services sail from either Southampton or Newcastle twice a month. The dedicated and shared container services sail every week from either Bristol, Ipswich or Rainham. Transit time can vary between 49-55 days depending on the vessel routing. For anyone looking to ship a car to Christchurch, Port Lyttelton is the closest receiving port in New Zealand.

Roll on/Roll off Car Shipping UK to Lyttelton

RORO car shipping to Lyttelton is more expensive to export from the UK, however the New Zealand destination fees can work out cheaper once it arrives. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of shipping a vehicle to Lyttelton against shipping it by shared container or even dedicated container services. RORO car shipping to Lyttelton tranships via Auckland hence the transit time taking approx. 55 days in total. To ship a vehicle by RORO to Lyttelton you can ship it from either Southampton or Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sailings are twice a month and offers a very secure way of shipping a vehicle which is secured below deck and away from the elements.

Shared Container Shipping to Lyttelton

Our shared container services sail weekly from either Bristol, Rainham or Ipswich so depending on the location of your vehicle in the UK we have a few receiving depots to offer. Car Shipping to Lyttelton is cheaper than RORO services however the receiving agent has already been nominated meaning the receiving costs in New Zealand can be a lot more expensive upon arrival. The positive aspect of shipping a car to Lyttelton by shared container means you can load belongings inside the vehicle.

20ft & 40ft Container Shipping to New Zealand

Our cost effective dedicated container services sail weekly from either the port of Southampton or Tilbury. We have a receiving depot in Avonmouth, Bristol where we can build a wall between your furniture and your vehicle allowing you to ship both your car and personal belongings together. Transit time takes approximately 49 days from the UK to Lyttelton.

Daily UK Car Collections

Cargo Worldlink can arrange the collection of your vehicle using fully insured trade plate drivers or on a car transporter from anywhere in the UK. These drivers offer a professional solution to getting your vehicle either directly to the port or to one of our many receiving depots.

Containerised Car Shipment

Containerised Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Ro Ro Car Shipment

Air Freight

Air Freight

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